cq5dam.web.1280.1280Did the supernatural thrills of Halloween leave you feeling skeptical and bored? Are you more intrigued by new – and sometimes scary – developments in the world of     science? The library has received a new batch of magazines full of fascinating     anecdotes and discoveries, just in time for Autumn. Our latest issues contain reports from outer space along with curious news of our own planet.

CHEMICAL & ENGINEERING NEWS is published weekly and also offers a great deal of information online. A recent issue warns of the over 80,000 chemicals currently on the market, the safety of the many of which cannot be assumed!

For lighter reading, C&EN also offers information on the latest Nobel prize winners and the importance of sleep.

The current SCIENCE NEWS considers a giant volcano at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and marvels at the underwater microphones which are making new research techniques possible.

cover_2013-11TECH BRIEFS tells of the ‘Asteroid Redirect Mission.’ Scientists are exploring how to visit asteroids and potentially study them or prevent them crashing into earth.

And a new issue of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN claims that planets resembling Tatooine in Star Wars, ‘where they sky is lit with the glow of two different suns,’ are real.

These articles offer news that is truly stranger than science fiction. Stop in and check them out!

June-Covercq5dam.web.1280.1280 (1)Science Magazine


Medical claimsWe welcome the incoming group of Pharmacy Technician Students! 

We are very excited about meeting you all and working with you in the library.

 Stop by anytime and introduce yourself, relax with a magazine, or get a head start on your studies.

Welcome_BlueBest of luck!

grass-welcome-matThe Bidwell Library staff welcomes all our new Horticulture students!

We look forward to meeting you & wish you much luck during your time at the Bidwell Training Center.  

Know that you are always welcome at our library – whether you are stopping in for research or simply need a place to socialize and relax.

See you soon!


News for Culinary Students & Those Who Simply Love to Eat:

We have some fresh books at the library. Students have already been eyeing these titles, so you better hurry. If you cannot run fast enough – or are too busy with class – don’t worry. The library has some older classics which can help you prepare an unexpected and incredible meal.

Culinary ArtistryCulinary Artistry by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page 

This elegant and informative book encourages you to cook like an artist. It provides a lot of information on flavor compatibility, paring foods with the seasons, and the many personalities and attitudes which have infused the practice of cooking with creativity and innovation. The book is well-organized and includes a number of attractive charts and recipes which you can easily adapt to your own purposes. There is room to play within these pages! Also included are many quotes and fascinating miscellanea which reveal the fun and revolutionary history of cooking. The ultimate goal of the book is to give everyone the tools they need to cook like a genius.

Hors d'OeuvresHors d’Oeuvres by Victoria Blashford-Snell and Eric Treuille

This book will likewise help you surprise your friends and stun them with your brilliance. Its premise is that appetizers are a great way of showing off and treating people to a wide variety of different and delicious flavors. Though less of a cultural and artistic manifesto, Hors d’Oeuvres provides clear, well-illustrated recipes for an almost endless variety of dishes. You can combine flavors and fuse elements from different traditions as you ponder the hundreds of unique appetizers which this book explores.

We are excited to add such useful and delectable books to our library. But don’t overlook these older titles, which are every bit as rich and informative.






Above: The Chocolate Bible, The Spice and Herb Bible, How To Cook Everything Vegetarian, The Art of Making Sausages, Pâtés, and Other Charcuterie, Appetizers, The Appetizer Atlas


Challenged books auction.

Challenged books auction.

The opening of Banned Book Day with library assistant Dan Ovec.

The opening of Banned Book Day with library assistant Dan Ovec.


Challenged Books auction.

Challenged Books auction.


Historically banned and challenged classics.

Historically banned and challenged classics.


Our exceptional volunteers--thank you!

Our exceptional volunteers–thank you!


Our Scary Stories winner Margaret!

Our Scary Stories winner Margaret!


The top nine challenged books of 2012-13.  Number 1:  Captain Underpants.

The top nine challenged books of 2012-13. Number 1: Captain Underpants.